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Ethical and Responsible Practices to ensure sustainable future.



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Committed to ethical business practices, Nassar Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has been active in the overseas recruitment sector for a little under a decade. During this time, we have developed a culture that focuses on the human and moral aspects of the process by working closely with prestigious companies and a talent pool of capable and motivated people. By setting ...


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We provide our clients and candidates with excellent recruitment services based on mutual trust and the highest professional standards. We are committed to protecting our recruits' rights by ensuring they are met with favorable working conditions that respect their value and contribution.

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Nassar is committed to its recruits. We seek to build a relationship of mutual growth with every candidate and client who choose to work with us. Nassar aims to become a leading recruitment agency by helping both recruits and the companies we work with reach their full potential.

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A committed, keen, and experienced team, with well-trained and qualified professionals. We do not c ...


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NASSAR Overseas pioneered many programs providing local communities with the training required to satisfy the growing demand for skilled personnel.

Driver / Operator
Security Guard
Carpentry and Mason Works
Hotel Personnel
Skilled and Unskilled Labor

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Ethical and Responsible Practices to ensure sustainable future.

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Ethical and Responsible Practices to ensure sustainable future.

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