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Code of Conduct

Nassar is committed to providing the best experience to all of its stakeholders. We take active steps to ensure the best interests of all of our partners. We do so by adhering to the following points:

  • Be aware of all national and international labor laws, standards, and procedures.
  • Pay attention to maintaining ethical standards and proper business procedures. 
  • Provide a safe and wholesome working environment to all stakeholders.
  • Showing the utmost respect and appreciation to all of our recruits and their family members.
  • Zero tolerance policy toward discrimination of any kind. This includes discrimination based on political affiliations, race, gender, nationality, caste, creed, disabilities, etc. 
  • Uphold the highest standards of Transparency, follow all due legal procedures, make sure foreign employment agreements are signed before deployment of recruits, and never present any misleading information related to hiring or recruitment purposes.
  • Make sure that the recruits receive all the necessary information about the country they will be working in. This includes political context, details of pay and wages, pertinent laws, labor policies, and information on the climate and weather, among others. 
  • Guarantee that all stakeholder information is secure and ensure their privacy.
  • Foster an environment of fair treatment, devoid of harassment.
  • Never participate in any form of corruption.
  • Recruit will not be asked to participate in mandatory saving schemes or be asked for any fees.
  • Charge the lowest possible Reliable Recruitment Fee to employing companies based on skill level and intricacy of a particular job. 
  • Refuse to engage in any kind of work that would misrepresent the nation.
  • Take active steps to prevent forced labor and predatory loan schemes. 
  • Support universal human rights and never associate with any companies or projects that advocate human trafficking.
  • Treat legitimate complaints with a spirit of empathy and take measures to address them appropriately.
  • Solve all issues and conflicts with a spirit of mutual discussion and understanding.
  • Follow all rules and regulations that apply to Intellectual Property Rights
  • Adhere to Freedom of Movement and allow all workers to choose their employment freely. 
  • Strive to become an eco-friendly company, motivated to reduce any negative environmental impact. 

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