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The process of hiring foreign human resources can be an arduous task. Luckily Nassar Overseas is here to make the whole ordeal as simple and hassle-free as possible. 

Whether it be Skilled, Semi- Skilled or Unskilled workers, our decades of experience will help you identify the right person for the right position. Our objective is to help companies find the perfect fit to help add value and assist recruits to find the job that fits them best.

Documents Required

Demand Letter: 

A letter from the Employer Company that mentions the number of workers required, salary, work hours, food accommodations, and any other facilities that are provided


Power Of Attorney:

A document that authorizes Nassar as a true and lawful attorney and agent in Nepal

Employment Contract:

A service contract between the employer and employees that consists of details such as salary, benefits, and detailed terms & conditions. 

Inter-Party Recruitment Agreement:

A commercial contract between the employer and Nassar, duly signed and stamped by both parties. 

Letter to the Labor Department (Guarantee Letter):

The employing company needs to address the Labor Department of Nepal requesting official permission from the Government of Nepal to hire Nepalese citizens in their country.

Sourcing Strategy

Database: Nassar keeps an updated database of interested applicants according to their skill set. The database is used to inform selected candidates of new opportunities 

Walk-Ins: Casual inquirers who visit our office to learn about available opportunities are considered according to their capabilities. 

Advertisements: Deemed compulsory as per Nepalese foreign employment laws and regulations, notices are published in newspapers.

Controlled Referrals: Both current and former workers from a specific company submit referrals for applicants they deem suitable for an open position

Social Media Platforms: Posts with details of available job opportunities are published on social media platforms to disperse the information to a maximum number of people.

Recruitment Procedure

Pre-Selection: Involves advertising in local mass media to inform potential applicants about available jobs. Some applicants are drawn from our existing database. Company management assesses the capability and competency of each applicant. 

Final Selection: The Employer Company or its representatives conduct a direct interview with applicants that have passed through the pre-selection process. It consists of an oral interview and a practical trade test. If a company has authorized Nassar, we can conduct the final selection on their behalf. In some cases, interviews can are conducted online or applicants are selected based on the strength of their C.V. 

Trade Test: A competent testing board of professional, experts, and instructors examine each applicant’s ability to carry out the needed tasks at concerned trade test centers. 

Medical Checkup: A medical board conduct checkups of selected candidates. Candidates are sent to the doctors, hospitals, or clinics that are authorized by the embassy of the respective country they are applying to work in. These doctors, hospitals, and clinics are further approved by the Nepal Government for the examination.

Step 1

A formal Demand Letter and other legal documents are collected from employers.

Step 2

Embassy Attestation of the demand letter.

Step 3

Employment opportunities are advertised on various platforms

Step 4

Establishing communication with inquirers and applicants

Step 5

Collection applications

Step 6

Create a short list of applicants for in-person or virtual interviews

Step 7

Begin interviews and selection processes

Step 8

Arrange medical testing and screening

Step 9

Confirm the applicant is medically sound for travel and employment

Step 10

Visa application and processing

Step 11

Seek finalized approval from the Department of Foreign Employment

Step 12

Prepare for the flight and arrange the required documents

Step 13

Deployment of recruits

Step 14

Follow up with Recruit to make sure they have reached the destination in good health.

Step 15

Collect feedback, time and again.

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